Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Is it possible to keep the library, or at least the third floor, at a neutral degree? No matter the season, the library is always freezing. Sometimes my hands and face are so cold that I start to cough or my nose begins to run. Sometimes, it is so cold that a simple sweater won't suffice. I feel like I need to bring mittens, gloves, and perhaps a blanket to keep warm. I like to spend many hours in he library working, but I often have to leave after a short while because it is so cold. I know the library mostly doesn't control the temperature, but can whoever does keep it a higher temperature than they do now? If not, hot cocoa and hot tea would benefit the students health and their working environment.


We are very aware of the temperature variance in the entire building.  Most of the problem is caused by the rotunda located from the 1st floor to the 3rd.  It causes the air to rise up and spread across the 3rd floor.  Also, we do have thermostats in several places on the 3rd floor and you can adjust them.  We can never keep them at one temperature the same at each thermostat due to everyone changing them to fit their needs.

You are also correct in that the Library as very little control of the temperature.  The Power Plant controls the entire university. 

If you are in the building freezing, we can help you find a warm place to study.  Just come by room 208 on the 2nd floor (Library Administrative Office) and we will do all we can to make you more comfortable.
Thank you for taking the time to let us know of the problem.   


 Mickey Dudley Russell
Library Administrative Manager
Room 208
940 898 3746

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Monday night around 6pm my computer at home developed a problem keeping a stable connection to the Internet. I needed to complete an online final that evening, since I didn't want my internet to go down, I packed up and came to the library. I got to the building around 6:30 found a computer and started my exam. At 7pm the coffeebreak for the evening was announced, twice. I was already frustrated and on edge, and these announcements broke my concentration.I didn't want to leave and go back home, and was stuck where I was due to me starting my final. Then closer to 8pm, the coffee break was announced again,twice. This broke my concentration again. I would like to suggest that these announcements be made once and once only. I realize the need for them,but four got excessive and overly disruptive.

Thank you for contacting the TWU Libraries concerning our Finals Coffee Breaks for students. I can certainly understand your need to concentrate on your exam while here and that the coffee break announcements were distracting to you. We announce this so that students can take a study break and get some free coffee and snacks to relieve stress. The only reason we do it twice is to make sure the people who arrived after the first announcement were informed before we closed the refreshments down. We do post signs to let students know that we have these breaks twice per evening during finals. My suggestion is that if you are in this situation again, you reserve a study room away from the speakers so that you are able to concentrate better and that you consider using headphones or ear buds to lessen the sound.

I apologize for these announcements but we have no other way to let students know that we are offering them free food and drinks.

Thank you again for expressing your concern.


Kristine Reed
Assistant Dean of Libraries
Texas Woman’s University
PO Box 425528
Denton, TX 76204-5528

Please make the Dallas campus with free printing like the Denton Campus.

I am sorry you had a different experience in Dallas than expected. The libraries offer the same printing services in Dallas that we do in Denton. My understanding is black and white printing at all three locations are print release managed and free. If you need to print more than 20 pages you have to send jobs in batches. Making a copy does incur charges that the library doesn’t actually manage but is through student life. If you would like to further discuss this with me I am happy to talk with you.


David Schuster
Texas Woman's University
Director of Library Information Technology & Technical Support
Phone: 940-898-3909

Monday, November 30, 2015

The Library should be opened 24hours like at UNT. I work late hours and its so hard for me to make it to the library within the times thats its opened so i find my self at the UNT library with my friends who also go to Twu. College calls for many overnighters and the library is the perfcet place for us to study and stay focused.

I’m delighted you find the library the perfect place for students to study and stay focused and I appreciate your suggestion that TWU extend library hours. I am very pleased that in addition to extending Blagg-Huey Library hours during finals, Blagg-Huey will open earlier and close later beginning January, 2016. Planned hours are:
Mon -Th. 7am-2am
Fri - 7:30am -10pm
Sat - 9am-8pm Sun - NOON- 2am
The link to the library calendar is http://www.twu.edu/library/2016B-H-Calendar.asp.

Sherilyn Bird
Dean of Libraries
Texas Woman's University

940/898-3764 FAX